Still a ludicrous number at Bloglines that I can’t get it but in the meantime some new ones…

War on Terror

More on travelling while Arabic.
US to spend $20M on PR for “positive press coverage of Iraq”
MSNBC anchor quotes Edward R. Murrow.
Iraqi activist forced to change T-Shirt with Arabic Peace Slogan
Channel 4 to show mock Bush assassination
US: we’ll be out of Iraq in a year (rubbish)
Details on the British Terrorist Arrest (terrorists arrested much too early due to American pressure)

American Politics

Mysterious Senator who blocked online database of political pork outed by ‘net.


To rebute the “Darwin lead to Hitler” recent documentary – “And on 9/11, the World Trade Center was knocked down by creationists who hate evolution. What’s your point?”


New UK organ donor and DNA-related laws.