Fafblog – Brilliant as ever.
U.S threatens to use ICBMs against terrorists – Donald Rumsfeld’s latest huge pork project for Haliburton et al.
Only traitors try to make us afraid of terrorists
Over 3,400 Iraqi Civilians Killed in July

U.S. built major Iranian nuclear facility

American Concentration Camps
(Angus) – Repeats excellent point that can’t be mentioned enough – “Concentration Camp n A camp where civilians, enemy aliens, political prisoners, and sometimes prisoners of war are detained and confined, typically under harsh conditions. “ – Now think Guantanamo Bay.
Guantanamo Suicides Were ‘PR Move’ (Angus)
Threat Level: Severe (Angus)
Tenet Misled Powell on Evidence for Mobile Labs
Italian intelligence chief arrested over CIA kidnap

Iraq’s PM calls for a review of coalition troops’ immunity from Iraqi prosecution

CIA’s secret UK bank trawl may be illegal

US still denies Red Cross access to all detainees

US marines may face death penalty for “massacre” of civilians in Iraq

Iran threatens disruption of oil against U.S.

Iraq parliament speaker calls for US withdrawal
U.N.: 14,000 Iraqis killed in 2006
Iraq bans political activity in its universities
C.I.A. Closes Unit Focused on Capture of bin Laden
Bush ignores laws he inks, vexing Congress
War’s Iraqi Death Toll Tops 50,000
‘Wash Post’ Obtains Shocking Memo from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
Bush Disagrees With Iraqi Leader on Expected Withdrawal
U.S. braces for ‘Iraq’s My Lai’

Last Week’s Terrorism Arrests

DHS runs anti-cyber-hippie wargame

British air travelers kick brown “terrorists” off their planes

What the Terrorists Want – (Bruce Schenier comment on the above)

Junior TSA Screener sticker

Behavioral Profiling

Random Bag Searches in Subways still legal

Kuttab: Some evangelicals want to hasten Armageddon with bombs

Chertoff: We must “eliminate people who are susceptible to becoming killers”

Will the Supreme Court strike down the TSA’s secret laws?

Gonzales: Gitmo prisoners can be held indefinitely

US troops attempt to stem Baghdad’s bloodshed

Complexity and Terrorism Investigations

Patrick Smith on Airline Security – Excellent article.
Movie-Plot Threat Contest Winner – Another great one.
Smart Profiling from the DHS