Jon Stewart dissects Bush’s latest ‘desperate soundbites’
Chávez says China deals ‘great wall’ against US

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Federal Judge Grants Injunction on NSA Surveillance
Gates criticises HIV abstinence policies
US insists on right to develop arms for outer space
White House demands dismissal of spy suit
Pentagon lists homosexuality as disorder
At least 1,000 UK soldiers desert
Senate Emphasis on Ideology Has Some in G.O.P. Anxious
Army Manual to Skip Geneva Detainee Rule
Bush to Press for U.S. Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
Bush ‘planted fake news stories on American TV’
Republicans Beware – Any extra powers granted to the current President will still be there when Hilary is in the Oval Office.
Al Franken documentary 
Ugly American of the Year: June Griffin – Republican congressional candidate in Tennessee attacks Mexican store
Washington Post on Student Speech – Very interesting discussion of how much free speech children can have in school (in terms of at what point does writing on a t-shirt interfere with teaching).
A Little Hope and Human Decency (B&B part one)
Bush’s Post-Hamdan Strategy – President Bush adds extra-judicial trials to new proposed Presidential powers
Judge Dismisses Phone Records Lawsuit – Judge rules AT&T must have their day in court and “National Security” doesn’t automatically mean you can do what you like.
More Government Interference with Science – This time at the FDA
Stem Cell Bill Vetoed – President Bush’s chooses to use his first veto to hold back American science. If you haven’t seen the ridiculous “Snowflake Baby” (embryo adoption) concept have a look on the web (and don’t worry that there would need to be something like 400,000 such adoptions just to cover those embryos already in deep freeze.
Gambling is Evil….Except When It Isn’t – The ban on Internet gambling but extend it to betting on horse racing and all the supporters pull out.
Balko on the Drug War
Washington DC as Sodom and Gomorrah – More outcome from Jack Abramoff 
Confirmation Bias and Political Groupthink – Very interesting stuff, along the lines of Blink.
Supreme Court Rules Against Bush on Gitmo – Detainees cannot be tried by military tribunal.
Hearings on Presidential Signing Statements
Bush’s Eminent Insincerity – Bush on Kelo.
Stop H.R.2679 – Legal fees and the Establishment Cause.
Bush Desecrates the American Flag?
Barnette and the Flag Burning Amendment

O’Reilly’s Dishonesty on Tape – More fun on YouTube.
HPV Vaccine Approved; Religious Right Upset – It’s an STD and since it would, they say, make abstinence less attractive it should be banned…
Bush’s Gay Marriage Speech – Surprise, he’s not in favor.
Asking the Right Question – Comparing the Right’s stance against gay marriage now to their stance on Loving vs Virginia
US Incarceration Rates – The incredible number of people the US locks up (especially young black men) and how it’s not helping the crime issues.
Bush and the First Amendment – If you were already afraid you should be: “The government argued in briefs that the courts cannot decide the constitutionality of the president’s asserted wartime powers”