Several months ago I subscribed to The Secular Outpost and I’ve been bookmarked entries to read there ever since. Now I’ve a little free time it seems like an opportunity to go through them.

What it’s like to be an atheist. Nice essay substituting Santa Claus for Christianity. Quote: “You suddenly feel a little bit lonely at age sixteen as you come to realize that you may be surrounded by fully grown adults who are delusional incompetents that cannot distinguish fiction from fact and are enthralled by some kind of massive group hysteria!”

A long and highly complex refutation of the Kalam cosmological argument. Right up your street David if you’re reading this.

An essay on the “Karamozov fallacy” (ie without God everything is permitted). It seems, surely, more and more that it is religious extremists who think that anything is morally justifiable in order to gain God’s favor whereas liberal atheists are more likely to be the ones arguing for tolerance. A new book on this is Value and Virtue in a Godless Universe by Erik J. Wielenberg (something I would add to my reading list if I didn’t have over a year’s worth of stuff to read already).

The horrible notion that since the so-called “evolution debate” in the states is really often just a cover for a beliver / non-beliver arguement athiest believers in evolution should go to lengths to not mention their lack of faith as the bigotry of the audience (against athiests) means they won’t listen to the valid anti-ID arguements.

Recent polls in the US rate athiests as significantly less trustworth than an other group mentioned in the poll (which included Muslims, gays and other traditionally persecuted groups). Numerous more essays on this subject.

Fascinating series of essays on people’s perception of slavery in the Bible.

A breakdown of the percentage of athiests by country (from their individual census data).

Excllent article on the Christian Trilemma (PDF) which contains, amongst many other things, the notion that Christ could have been an agent of Satan sent to distract us from worshiping the one true God (YHWH).

One more added to my Amazon wish list – Karen’s Armstrong’s History of God which details how God has greatly changed from the “smite my enemies” Old Testament days, “love your enemies” New Testament days and now to “smite your enemines and get rich while doing it!” current state of affairs.