If you don’t update for a while – things back up…

Spent today creating far too many hours creating far too many bland slides about something no-one is going to care about anyway (one of my bosses thinks we all need presentation practice). Don’t know what I’m going to do about it.

Flat stuff is looking up, work stuff is frustrating and dull, ogame is extremely addictive – otherwise everything else is same as always I guess.

Finland to have heavy metal Eurovision Song Contest entry – I may even tune in if I remember for the humor value.

Getting the funny ones in early for a change. Humorous stuff on angusabranson‘s blog.

Another brilliant 365 Tomorrows story. Expect this to come true sooner than we imagine.

I must look up (or more likely borrow from Mark) the new Marvel series about superheros having to be classed as WMDs.

This is great – long before the right-wing rants against porn, games, video, TV, rock music, etc there were rants against novels, telephones and the waltz!.

This one almost got a post to itself since it had me on the verge of tears (yes, really). The London Planetarium is to close to be replaced by a Mme Tussauds show on celebrity.

Huge windfarm to be build in Scotland. While this is excellent news I still think the money probably could have been better spent looking into some of the new nuclear plant designs (if the nuclear lobby didn’t burn money).

More Probation Service services scrapped due to lack on money. I was this close to setting up a site called “Probation Watch” when I left the Service to keep an eye on a vital organisation that is falling apart at the seems. I didn’t in the long run (citing partly the usual apathy but also a desire just to be free of it all). I can’t help but wonder that it would have taken off…

Meanwhile the Home Secratary calls in the heads of the PO to dicsuss MAPPA and no doubt paper over some more cracks.

Meanwhile over the pond more T.I.A. stuff that never actually died but just went under cover.

Another DMCA-like bill and the whole ‘net neutrality thing is really heating up here, here and here.

Brilliant pay what you want store.

Dan Gillmor on citizen journalism which is going to be huge in the comming years. I forsee a time, very soon from now, when a hand-sized all digital camcorder will allow you to record images of what is happening in front of your direct to the internetvia satellite for just a few dollars. Now imagine that in a 3rd world country riot or even warzone.

Okay – more in a minute