The US taxpayer pays $250M for 120 clinics in Iraq – 20 are built and they are barely usable.

More planting of anti-Iran news – this time they are buying missles from North Korea that can strike the UK.

Amazingly the UK Attorney General calls for Guantanamo Bay to close. Now that the fractures in Tony Blair’s government are opening up for all to see I wonder how many more people will speak out about their actual beliefs?

US State Department says what it always thought in private – that Iraq is now a haven for terrorists.

In the country that President Bush said was “acomplished” all those years ago they can’t even stop the killing of the Vice-President’s sister.

The CIA may have flown over 1000 secret flights in Europe.

The US Federal Government efectively quashes the EFF cases against AT&T for illegal wiretapping by claiming that if the case went on it would reveal national security secrets. If this works on appeal expect to see this used a lot more.

Last year the FBI issues 3,500 “special warrents” (that is without approval by anyone from the Judical Branch of the government) for retrival or records and another 2,000 for phonetaps and searches.

Interestingly it’s all change at the IMF – a body long considered by Greg Palast et al as a de facto extension of the American government. With the huge American debt and the rise of now G7 exporting countries like China and India something had to change eventually – be interesting to see if they ever comment negatively about the USA.

Over 1 million immigrants protested on 1st May in US about harsh newly proposed anti-immigration laws. Appearently someone forgot to tell the lawmakers that the whole country, including their ancestors, were immigrants – more likely the new folks are not quite white enough for them…

Terrifyingly Presedent Bush is now calling the so-called “War on Terror” World War 3.

Amnesty says torture under the present American administration is “widespead”.

Is it finally heating up for President Bush? The Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is promising to investigate the Presedent for his statements of how certain laws don’t apply to his administration.

The ridiculous notion of making English the national language in the US comes up again – via the Star Spangled Banner this time.

60% of 18-24 year old Americans polled can’t locate Iraq on a map.

The story of what it’s really like trying to rebuild in Iraq.

Unbelivable Mexico legalizes the personal use of almost all drugs (while still chasing drug growers). All the people who favor legalisation everywhere will be watching them very closely. Naturally the US with it’s heavy interest in the continuation of the War of Drugs asks them not to do it.

Unfunded US social security now at $16T (yes, that’s trillion dollars. Prescription medicare underfunded by another $16T and medicare to $70T in general (figures here). This as a small part of the largest ever US dept (spiraling out of control as we speak) a few short years after President Clinton’s huge surplus (before all the years of huge war spending natually).

I’d hope that everyone had already seen this but if not you need to check out Steven Colbert.

“Advice” given with US aid now not only has to only mention conctraception in order to mention failure rates but also has to demand that students pledge to forego all sexual activity until marriage and to exclude gay sex entirely.

Lastly – a very interesting free speech case giving a good example of why I keep reading Ed Brayton.