Thanks to weaselbitch for this one 🙂

Get given a letter, pick 10 words beginning with it and explain why. I’ve got a “T”. If you would like one leave a comment.

Time: I don’t tend to be late for stuff (people may disagree) it’s more that I don’t seem to live in the same timezone as everyone else. A sensible time to go to bed has always been about 2am and getting up before 9am is incredably painful.

Thinking: Like to have the intellect stretched (certainly isn’t at work) every now and then – see the big pile of non-fiction to read. Do enjoy the occasional “deep thoughts” session but not so often these days. Don’t tend to be intraverted and obsessed with thinking about myself – that got to be way too much effort years ago.

Toffee: Mmmmmm.

Tradition: Just because something has “always been done that way” is never a good reason for keeping on doing it.

Trevor: See (Trevor, Magical).

Truth: Absolutely the best policy. Except when it isn’t.

Tossers: See (Drivers, London) – myself included I’m sure.

Trivia: I collect a lot of it (depending on your point of view).

Towel: Mine is in the en suite.

Trousers: You’ll be glad to hear I’m wearing some.