*Boggle* – American woman arrested for heckling visiting Chinese President. Apparently there is a US misdemeanor law of “willfully intimidating, coercing, threatening, and harassing a foreign official” – surely this must be against the First Ammendment?

Looks like a senior Met Police officer who criticised the handling of the de Menezes killing is going to be sacked.

When the US pulls its soldiers out of Germany they do it for free (as you would expect). However now they want to leave Japan they want to charge the Japanese $10bn for the privilege of having them leave.

Oil at a record $75 – expect it a lot higher.

The Secretary of State appears to have woken up to the crisis in the Probation Service. Let’s see how much money he spends – when I was there everyone was doing the job of 4 or 5 people…

Another source in a long line to be ignored – ex-head of CIA covert ops in Europe says that it was well known that Iraq WMD statements were false.

American “No Child Left Behind” law is supposed to make sure kids from every background and ethnic group do well in school. In practice this means that any kids that may do badly are finding it very hard to find a school.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice goes to see Equatorial Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema. Members of the State Department were quoted as saying that Nguema is “one of the most brutal, most corrupt and unreconstructed dictators in the world”. Still, it gave her a platform to talk about Iran.

President Bush appoints a Civil-Liberties Officer to go with other similar joke positions in the past.

Interesting religious map of the US – extended to insert data for the FSM.

The NYPD follows London by installing 500 CCTV cameras.

The FBI has the papers of one of the Watergate reporters and intend to remove anything “secret” before they give them back.

And lastly, something a bit more humorous – pimp my snack.