In a big slap in the face to President Bush in his first visit to the US Chinese President Hu Jintao’s first dinner engagement will not by in DC but instead at the home of Bill Gates with a significant number of the top CEOs in America. As one of the comments on that /. article said – since the real power is in the hands of those who fund the politicians re-election campaigns maybe he’s just making a short-cut to the real power in the US.

US Secretary of State informs us that Iran can build a nuclear bomb in 16 days. Jesus – does no-one remember 45 minutes?

Following the discovery of the alleged gospel of Judas that church is quick to reinforce his bad guy status.

Is this where we are? UK Education Secretary urges all schools to conduct random drug tests on pupils.

The new UK anti-terrorism act comes into force – some high court judges have already said that it is an afront to justice.

More on the Jack Ambroff trial.

US librarians at least get to tell people when they have to give over information now.

Even Iraq’s own interior minister says that certain government department departments run “death squads”.