Firstly, apologies to anyone who has emailed me in the last week. My domain expired and Easily, the lovely company I use for that, didn’t bother to tell me so I’ve not been getting any emails since about Thursday last week – any sent to me have probably been lost. I’m not at all happy about this.


Seymour Hersh says in the New Yorker that President Bush’s government may even be considering using first-strike nuclear weapons in Iran. Seems like it’s the top brass at the Pentagon who are most against this. I don’t even want to think about it.

American Attorney General won’t rule out future domestic warrentless wiretaps and in admitting so effectively rubs out the line between the Executive and Judicial branches of government.

“Scooter” Libby reveals that it was the President himself who told him to “out” Valery Plame and the President is choosing not to deny it.

Meanwhile for the first time since its creation the US chooses not to take a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.