Things tagged from my week away – best make a start…

Controversy over Bush reasons for Iraq war – Gah! American reporter is attacked for asking President Bush questions – “Reporters aren’t supposed to fire accusations at the President or anybody else they’re interrogating, and that was wrong”

In a fit of common sense – London Rejects Subway Scanners

One more step to the Survailence State – Unmanned Aerial Drones Coming Soon Above U.S.

That’s it then – UK Government Passes ID Card Bill

Unsurprisingly – Homeland Security Okays Closed Proceedings

Americans, Especially Catholics, Approve of Torture

Prayer Does Not Help Heart Patients

After the horse has bolted Review rules on PoWs – given what we did in the war

Cheques finally on the way outalong with CDs

Probation reform halted – no-one knows what the hell to do there

At least one Brit manages to have her DNA held by the police erased when not charged

Government abandons current mental health bill

Mark Thomas shows it’s so easy to get around the UK arms restriction laws a child can (literally) do it – if anyone has this on video can they please let me know