After a recomendation by lareinemisere I went off and read the full interview with Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams in the Gruniad.

I have to say, sadly, that I wasn’t overly impressed. Not only does he not come over as a man with very strong convictions it is perhaps worse that maybe he does and hides them for the sake of politics (gay issues, etc). I found it revealing that he seems to say that most people only approach the church when there is no-where else to go. It is good he invokes rational interaction with other faiths and strongly supports the church helping out in the community (with a little light indoctrination along the way). However it is noteworth when he says this near the end (quote obviously out of context – follow the link above to read the whole thing for yourself):

“I think the perceptions of religion as a very alien, very mysterious, rather malign force, which gives people ideas above their station, whether it’s Prime Ministers or terrorists. It just gives people that conviction of rightness, which is dangerous”

Regardless of what people actually believe that’s increasingly true.