The number of interesting links these days. Not just ones I’ve found but from other people as well. Never enough hours in the day, etc, etc.

Went this evening to see V for Vendetta. Quite different in parts from the comic (especially in the last 15 mins) but I think it captured the spirit really well and overall I really enjoyed and was moved by it.

Anyway, links:

The House of Lords rejects ID cards for the 4th time not that it will make any difference.

Some of the killers of Mary-Ann Leneghan were on probation? Gosh, what a surprise that criminals were on probation (over crowded jails = more probations and early releases). Expect to see more of this.

One for Annie – Geoffrey Chaucer has a blog.

Marvel and DC are retroactively trying to force their non-existant copywrite of the phrase ‘super hero’.

And so it begins – “The East Orange Police Department in New Jersey is enlisting residents to monitor surveillance camera video of their neighborhoods. The police will apparently invite certain citizens to participate in the ‘Virtual Community Patrol.'”

Chancellor Brown has created a new task force with the likes of Bill Gates et al to “advise him on globalisation”. How lovely.

Ofcom effectively signs its own death warrant by letting BT and all the other UK telecoms companies set their own prices for everything. This is said to be due to VOIP / mobile competition, etc but will just lead to endless price gouging. Which is good as it will just drive more people to VOIP…

Looks like there’s going to be a movie of the Dover trial scripted by the chap that wrote The Piano.

Atheism fastest growing belief in America (twice 0.00001% or similar I imagine).