Have ended up being flagged in my Bloglines account so I’d better make a start…

FIFA to penalise clubs who’s fans are racist. Nice move.

Good article on yet another vast city in China you’ve not heard of. Expect a lot more of this.

How far would you go for fame and money? Seven die during filming of Uruguyan reality TV show.

A particularly good 365 Tomorrows story.

US government slapped down by judge in favour of Google. Google doesn’t now have to hand over vast amounts of data to US government. However at the same time a different judge has ordered Google to hand over emailseven ones the user marked for delete. Never trust anything online to have ever been deleted.

It’s alledged that the Australian PM had a site containing unfavourable things about him shut down.

The UK to potentially balk at paying billions of dollars to be part of an American next-gen fighter aircraft project unless they get access to all the source-code due to fears of the ability for the US to “switch off” the planes in mid-air.

Opening up the debate on the replacement for Trident. I wonder how many people in the UK would even be able to answer if you asked them “What is Trident?”.

Lapdancing club to open near my work which is causing the Dean of Southwark to have kittens. Honestly if they hadn’t mentioned it no-one apart from the punters would have ever known…

Okay – enough for this one…