Interestingly my MP is looking into dodgey investing the Anglican Church is doing. He may be being civic minded or he may be a radical Catholic (it says on his site he is big into Christianity but not what flavour.

Amazingly several American city governments are trying to use Kelo to seize churches to build civil works (such as low cost housing) on. This is great – either they get a good new civic use of the land or it goes to the high court and Kelo gets overturned.

“Censorship as an enhancement of liberty may seem paradoxical. Yet it should be obvious, to all but dogmatic First Amendment absolutists, that people forced to live in an increasingly brutalized culture are, in a very real sense, not wholly free.” – there are some wacky people around.

New scrutiny of the amount being spent in Iraq by the US. So far $320bn over and above regular defence spending which is itsel up 40$ since 2001.