Beware of OGame – it is extremely addictive and it’s real-time nature means you end up want to make moves in the middle of the night…

Find the CIAs secrets just by searching the ‘net or any they carefully laid fakes? What’s more likely…?

Nice to know NASA can still find money to research waky space drives. If I won a billion on the lottery (which I don’t play) and then was hit by a bus I may well leave my money to that.

Expect this to be huge very very quickly – legal downloadable TV over the ‘net.

Google to have online storage service. I’d love this but I’m not holding my breath.

Bruce Schneier article on the future of privacy.

New bill in Washington at the moment to make reporting things like domestic wiretaps illegal.

Since 9/11 many US states have used terrorism as an excuse to pass acts to limit distribution of information.