Busy, busy, busy. Been doing interviewing at work which I really enjoyed and now Annie and I are full swing into doing up my flat before selling it off sometime later this year. Painted the bathroom last weekend – a lot more stuff to do. On top of this I’ve been having a crack at learning CSS – I think I’m getting there slowly…

Usual stuff:

The man who blew the whistle of the Diebold electronic voting fiasco in the US is now undergoing felony charges relating to releasing the data. There are “whistle-blower” protection laws so this should be a good test of them.

Total Information Awareness (US goverment plan to record and cross reference massive amounts of data on, well, everyone) was supposed to be shut down but, obviously, just went underground.

People may be interested in neo-gothic stories.

What I don’t find out by not watching TV – dear God all the people on TV at the moment back from the 80s.