Blimey it’s quiet here at work today…

As an asside – I have a tenuous plan to create a web site for Annie and I at some point. Most of the stuff (links) that I put on here I would move to there. Would anyone care? I basically put them on here so I can find them again anyway…

Shocking new Guantánamo Bay pictures – NSFW or indeed anywhere.
UK Prime Minister joins UN, etc in calling for Guantánamo Bay closure.
Glorifying terror” is soon to be illegal in the UK. Good luck in defining that.
Smoking ban in the UK to be way more than I thought it would be – good luck in enforcing that.
President Bush has spent $1.6Bn on PR since coming to power – how many hospitals and schools is that again…?
Brilliant – Isreali cartoonists show they can do better anti-Semitic cartoons that Iranian newspapers.
Definitive paper on the Sony CD DRM fiasco.
Excellent HL Mencken quote. I’m a huge fan on Mencken as a speaker even if I don’t always agree with what he says.