• Latest on ID cards.
  • Surprised this didn’t turn up sooner. The LAPD now has a GPS dart they can fire into cars to track them remotely without having to undertake high speed chases.
  • Britian continues to spend money developing nuclear weapons (just in case you didn’t know). £100 million this time.
  • Excelent podcast on blogging by Joe Ito. I particularly wanted to mention it as he describes (near the end) talking to Japanese and Chinese people who had just had a big set-to over something. Through the medium of IM, email and other instant ways to communicate he was able to bring people with very different points of view to eventually agree (via a wiki) of a common way to describe both their sets of views in one place. Sounds like excellent work.
  • Looks like both President Bush and the ruler of Iran think that the end times are here.
  • If you can embrace athesism can you go the next step and embrace the idea of having no free will? If the universe is governed entirely by science then doesn’t it follow that there is no such thing as free will? Certainly something to think about but I’m not going to give up my notion of self-volition any time soon.