This time from thessalian:

A – Accent: Like to think it’s “home counties” (dear boy!) but way too much London after living here so long
B – Breakfast Item: Chocolate bread and caffeine
C – Chore you hate: Shaving
D – Dad’s Name: Peter
E – Essential everyday item: Caffeine
F – Flavour ice cream: Toffee
G – Gold or Silver?: Silver
H – Hometown: Wantage, Oxfordshire
I – Insomnia: No
J – Job Title: Software engineer
K – Kids: No
L – Living arrangements: alobear basically lives here with me
M – Mum’s birthplace: Newburn, Northumberland
N – Number of significant others you’ve ever had: SOs? 6, Girlfriends – 3
O – Overnight hospital stays: Not sure, maybe 6. Last when I broke my leg
P – Phobia: Needles
Q – Queer?: Sometimes slightly eccentric
R – Religious Affiliation: Athiest
S – Siblings: One sister
T – Time you wake up: Workday supposedly between 8 and 8.30. Non-work day about midday.
U – Unnatural hair colours you’ve worn: Black (dull, eh?)
V – Vegetable you refuse to eat: Most any boiled
W – Worst Habit: Interrupting people
X – X-rays you’ve had: Both wrists, both ankles
Y – Yummy: Curry
Z – Zodiac sign: Aquarius