I’ve decided that 2006 should be the year that I really start putting together that evil laboratory I’ve always had my heart set on. Having almost come to terms with the fact that I may never actually have that army of mutant zombies primed to destory all those that oppose me I may have to reign in my world dominating ambition to something more achievable.

Everything here should be acquirable even if some of them may be rather expensive. This could be a lifetime’s project…

I’m putting this list up so other people can offer suggestions of things I can add to it.

In the meantime this is the current prospective inventory broken down by (arbitrary) type:

Electronics Chemistry Magic Misc
  • Glassware (various)
  • Dry ice
  • Coloured liquids
  • Stuff to make liquid glow
  • Labcoat (stained)
  • Stuffed raven
  • Skull (dippy candle holder)
  • Skeleton
  • Map of the world (with flag pins)
  • Blackboard (for evil equations)
  • Books:
    • How to Take Over the World on $30 a day
    • How to Raise a Zombie Army
  • Table with clamps…