In (extreme) brief… Had a great time at alobear‘s parents place. Her mum goes mildly insane at Christmas time and ensured that everyone had at least 10 parcels to unwrap on the day including books, CDs, DVDs and t-shirts for me :-D. Went from there to my folks place which was okay but it’s good to be back home!

On the way back we listened to two great lectures I’d downloaded from the Long Now Foundation. The first called How Societies Fail-And Sometimes Succeed by Jared Diamond (of Guns, Germs and Steel fame) and the second called The View From the End of the World about (amongst other things) the problems that occur when people with strong faith get into positions of power. His book (The End of Faith – now on my Amazon wish list) goes into a lot more detail as to why it’s often so-called religous moderates that are worse than extremists.

Anyway – speaking of my wish lists (*cough*) it’s my birthday in 4 weeks or so, so… 🙂