US: As far back as 2002 President Bush authorised the NSA to spy on American citizens inside the US (Giblets take on this). The Department of Defence regularly spies on peace groups including the Quakers. President Bush finally agrees torture ban that the Senate was going force him into anyway (Giblets on this one). Oh, btw, the whole reason for going to war was completely wrong reveals President Bush – and he’s not being impeached why (and last of Giblets wisdom for today)? House of Representatives votes for insane 700 mile long way between US and Mexico – didn’t the world celibrate one of those coming down not so long ago? US ranked 6th in jailing journalists. Still, significant parts of the PATRIOT act allowed to expire.

UK: Sickening – school decides to only let kids play in sports kit with Nike logo on it. Nike not even involved.

Rest of the World: Chinese economy being re-assesed. May jump to number 4 in the world. In a great bid to help international relations the Iranian President denies the Holocaust in public.