The history of a detective being called a “gumshoe” is because originally, gumshoe referred to a shoe with a rubber sole, specifically, galoshes. The senses of gumshoe leading to the ‘private detective’ sense all have to do with the idea that rubber-soled shoes give the wearer the ability to walk stealthily.

Anacoluthon means “An abrupt change within a sentence to a second construction inconsistent with the first, sometimes used for rhetorical effect; for example, I warned him that if he continues to drink, what will become of him?”

The UK EU rebate was negotiated in 1984 by Prime Minister Thatcher. It was given as we were the 3rd poorest country in the EU at the time. Now we are the second richest (after Germany).

Constantine I was the first roman emperor to allow Christanity within the empire with the Edict of Milan. He also had an alledged deathbed conversion.

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