Newly released documents show that President Bush knew some of the Iraq war supporting documents he had were fake.

I think this really could come back to bite this President on the ass – he states definitively that the US doesn’t torture people.

A new movie Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price almost certainly won’t be comming to a movie complex near you soon. I’ll probably have as much luck getting hold of this as I’ve had with This Divided State.

“Look, what a give-away”. Prime Minister Blaire appeals to the Tories for 90 detention without charge and still looses. The premise that his government really isn’t just a Tory one in camouflage is quite hard to refute.

What’s worse – parents of young teenage girls not being informed when they go in for surgery (eg abortion) or them going to back-street abortionists so their parents don’t find out. This mother believes the former I tend towards the latter but it’s a difficult one.

Annie and I half-jokingly discussed the idea of a ‘debate club’ of our friends about difficult issues like these. We all like to argue and when you’re presenting the opposite view to that which you personally believe in it gets very interesting. Still, whether we ever actually do anything about it is another matter. Who reading this would be interested and what debates would you bring up?

Bless Giblets – he’s done it again. Following on from the fact that all of the ID supporting governers in the Dover Trial have been kicked out following yesterdays school elections and that the trial result is likely to come out in a few weeks he’s suggested that the next big thing following Intelligent Design should be Intelligent History! If all evolution was guided by an external devine force to create Giblets then surely all of history must have been manipulated by the same force for the same reason!