So, it looks like it’s not only the US and the UK that is suffering from importing a whole new underclass from poorer nations and then treating them like dirt. Obviously there is no excuse for what these kids are doing on the streets but sadly it should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen the lack of integration in these communities (problems on both sides no doubt) and the sort of education and jobs they therefore end up with. No easy solutions but it’s the seeming lack of interest from anyone who can do anything that is always the worst part.

Is it a good sign when the President has to mandate ethics briefings for his staff?

President Bush’s idea of a foreign policy coup met with riots in Argentina and Uruguay as he tried to extend the US’s ‘free trade’ policy. Always a tricky one for me. In theory I’m a great supporter of Globalisation – even perhaps as a stepping stone towards a global
uniculture but, like communism, the reality of its implementation is really just a mask for those already in power to even further cerment their position – I’ve read too much Naomi Klein and Greg Pallast to think anything else.

Some mad Republicans are proposing their own Great Wall to put 2,000 miles of bricks between the good’ol USA and Mexico.

National Security Letters (FBI warrents with zero judicial oversight have increase 10,000 percent since the passing of the PATRIOT act. Information gathered by this method can be held by the government in secret – for ever. For example in 2003 this method was used to record all 250,000 residents of all Las Vegas hotels over a four day period.

At least the occasional good thing makes the press. The House of Representatives has passed a bill which effectively netuers the ridiculous eminent domain decision previously enacted by the US Supreme Court.

Again, should it really take The Senate to vote against torturing prisoners? Who are the people in charge who think this can be a Good Thing? Vice President Cheney seems strongly personally in favour (at least behind closed doors even) if other leading Republicans are not.

Has it even made the US mainstream press that the forger of the Niger-Uranium documents has been identified?


At least Prime Minister Blair has backed down on holding prisoners 90 days without trial. The question remains – did he ever intend to win in the first place or was this just a ruse to make some of the other measures introduced in the Anit-Terror bill seem not so bad?