For the record I’m sorry I seem to have upset thessalian (again) – people who know me will no that wasn’t my intention.

Moving on…

Up to 20% of the human genome (that’s you and me folks) is now patented in the USA.

Private school principle is (guess where) prohibits students to have a blog even in their own time.

In the fast-becoming-laughable Dover Trail the other side gets a brief struck out by the judge when they try to sneak in testimony from previous supporters of theirs who refuse to appear at the bloodbath.

This one almost got a post to itself. The BBC is cutting back on the number of languages the World Service is broadcast in. Their rational is that those countries are now sufficently on message that they no longer need to be talked into the Western way of doing things. The money saved will be plowed into an Arabic TV station. This is the way to achieve the so-called hearts-and-minds policy so favoured by certain politions – by setting up something that might actually work in a few decades time.

In the mean time the ACLU has classed 21 out of 44 examined deaths in US custody in Afganistan and Iraq as murder.