In the Harriet Miers insanity (President Bush is attempting to put a friend of his on the Supreme Court that has never even been a judge – just a lawyer) she refuses to answer questions on Row vs Wade and completes her Congress questionaire so badly she’s asked to do it again (by a Republican) – first time this has ever happened.

MPs fight for parliamentary approval of troups being sent overseas.
America already has Congressiona oversight on this but it is normally
just a rubber-stamping procedure since, after all, who would risk their
re-election standing against such a thing. I imagine it will be the
same here.

Teachers to get legal right to restrain pupils  while I can easily understand them wanting this it can only cause great problems in the long run.

British buisnessman pays himself £1.2b tax free.

American firearms manufacturers now protected from “frivolous” lawsuits from people injured by their products. 59 Democrats voted in favour of the bill.

Trial of Saddah Hussien scheduled to distract everyone from constitutional voting irregularities?

Finally – a religion I could consider joining – The Church of Reality!