More examples, if anyone needed them, of the huge inequality and povety now present in the US.

From the article :

  • 12.7% of people in the US live in poverty – some 37 million – which is the highest percentage in the developed world.
  • Roughly 8% of white people and 25% of black people are classed as being in poverty.
  • In Detriot 50% of children live in poverty.
  • Items on the agenda in Washington include the extension of tax cuts on investment income and repealing the estate tax, both aimed at the wealthy. Also proposed are tens of billions of dollars of cuts to services like food stamps, federal student loans and Medicaid, the health insurance for the low-income Americans.
  • The minimum wage of $5.15 an hour has not in any case been increased since 1997: adjusted for inflation it is at its lowest level since 1956.
  • The median household income in the US has stagnated for the past five years.
  • 2.7m industrial jobs have been lost since 2001.
  • Healthcare costs continue to rise at double-digit rates. The numbers without any kind of health insurance grew last year to 45.8 million people.
  • For the first time in the census, the top 20% of earners in the US took over half the total income. The bottom 20% took just 3.4%. Only the top 5% of households enjoyed real income growth during the year. A recent survey released by market research firm TNS said the number of millionaires in the US has reached a record 8.9 million, rising for the third successive year.

In 7th Sea we’re currently experiencing the Montaigne (French) Revolution. It’s difficult not to see parallels.