President Bush, to no-one’s surprise, has his teleconference with troups in Iraq all staged in advance. Holland refuses to extradite a prisoner to the USA for fear he will be imprisoned indefinitly without trial.

I can’t believe this is true – President Bush’s Supreme Court nominee was interviewed on October 13th. When asked how President Bush asked her to be on the Supreme Court said “Well, I was walking into his office to offer him some Krispy Kremes that were left over from a staff meeting, and he suddenly blurted out, ‘Hey, wanna be a Supreme Court justice?’ I’m not sure if he began to say this before or after he saw the Krispy Kremes” and when asked “What quality in you do you think more than anything else led the President to choose you for the high court?” she said “That’s a good question”. Also weirdly President Bush once sent her a letter with the P.S. “No more public scatology”.

Anit-President Bush poster made by student confiscated by the Secret Service. Good to see people’s tax dollars hard at work.

Brilliant interview with Gilberto Gil Brazilian culture minister and Creative Commons hero.

Siemens shows off electronic paper. Keep an eye on this – it’s going to change lots and lots of things in the very near future.