alobear talking about infinite series for pi (who’d have though it 😉 reminds me of the time I saw Euler’s Identity being proved. “It’s like looking into the face of God” said my maths teacher at the time. Now, does even one person reading this understand that page? 🙂

Quick ref to what thessalian said about Serenity. I have never thought that Joss is deliberately ‘fucking with the fans’ and far from not thinking about the fandom at all I am sure he is extremely aware of it given his many posts directly to fans and answers he has given in interviews. I’m just as sure that he is aware that fans make up a tiny percentage of people who will go to see this movie. My point was that he is likely to loose some, potentially small, number of fans by writing stuff in manner which upsets them. Obviously he has considered this and has decided that writing what he did was important enough to the story to risk that – that’s up to him, he’s the writer. For the record it wasn’t really Wash dying that anoyed me – although it did. No, really it was the fact that there was so little aftermath to it. We never saw Zoe cry or anyone else for that matter and I agree with alobear that the long-awaited getting-together of Kaylee and Simon was a big let down for those still in shock from the earlier events. In short, since the movie is likely to be seen by 90%+ non-fans it is more important for Joss to write stuff that makes good story telling to Firefly virgins that it is to worry about loosing a few longer term fans like myself.

UK Terrorism Bill published. 30 days detention without charge or access to legal representation here we come.

Bruce Schnier demonstraits why terrorism searches are so stupid when terrorists can just claim have put a bomb in a baby carrage on a subway. There’s no way of combating that except for airport level security in every station or banning people from having anything other than light clothes (no briefcases!).

Baghdad Burning – and award-winning blog by a young women living in Baghdad whose archives reach back to the start of the war – heart-wrenching.