The makers of Lost appearently said they thought they would loose a lot of viewers after season 2, episode 3. I assumed that this was because they would reveal some part of one of the Great Secrets about the show and that would annoy one of the many different groups of fans. However now I’ve come to realise that exactly the opposite is true. Even if it isn’t actually true it now appears that the show is being made up a few episodes in advance a-la The X-Files. The fact that they didn’t reveal anything and instead just decided to add more mystery to the show is starting to get wearing. Yes, I do understand that the show is about mystery but how long can it go on before people get sick of never finding out anything concrete (about 7 seasons if The X-Files is anything to go by).

We already know the supernatural is real from what Jack and Kate saw before they went down the hatch (the black smoke-like stuff) as well as what Walt did and the guy that advised Claire. By this point adding a daft plot device designed just to cause conflict (entering the code) which is in-and-of-itself obviously stupid (why isn’t it simply automatic) unless it is the act of someone using the numbers that is important which again points to a supernatural link.

Ah well, I guess given the excellent standard so far I’ll give it another 5 or 6 episodes and see if it can pull itself back up. It’s worth it just to see self-satisfied Jack falling to pieces (have to give the actor credit for doing that quite well so far).