How the executed Brazillian was no threat and the Brazillain authorities coming to investigate. Proposed Iraq constitution could cause chaos. Internal FBI documents label peace groups as terrorists. Fear on the ground in Iraq leads to terrible bridge disaster. Bolton no sooner gets to the UN than he executes his up-front stated plan to attempt to destroy it. Understandably this pisses a lot of people off – including the British government. Chances of Iraq constitution being finished on time? American military to hold Retuers staff in Iraqi jail for at least 6 months without charge. As usual Giblets puts it best. Worldwide weapons sales continue apace. Library sues government over Patroit Act. All this while President Bush beats Ronald Reagon’s record for most holiday taken in office – and in half the time. Pics of the President fiddling while The Big Easy sinks.

Senator Buttars represent the people by insisting that evolution is a fraud.
Meanwhile some schools that use ID textbooks sue to have their “science” courses recognised even when the textbooks say “if there is a conflict between scripture and science scripture is right every time”. A good essay on the faults of ID. Richard Dawkins gets in on the act.