Haven’t updated in ages so will probably end up doing a few over the next week or so (inbetween going to the Serenity World Premier in Edinburgh and The Gathering).

So, let’s get this out of the way first:
New cast pictures – can’t say I like it much myself.
Joss and some of the cast to be in live webchat 22/8/05.
Review of Birmingham weekend.
Sunday Times Joss interview.
Universal execs say BDM must make $80M to get sequel.
Ron Glass interview.
Joss being funny.
Adam being touching.
BDM soundtrack out 27/9/05.
RPG out at GenCon.
Firefly mentioned in ‘The Week in Tech’ podcast.
Serenity makes Rotten Tomatoes’ list of Fall 2005 highlights.
Official Serenity Movie Magazine out Sept 13th in the States.
Entertainment Weekly has a Serenity preview online.
(SPOILER) Four page preview for Serenity #3.
Brilliant new international website.
Many of the cast going to be in Edinburgh.