Con at the weekend was a blast. Photos and video – ask if you’re interested.

Summer and Adam in Dreamwatch
Firefly doll images – Grab for next SF!
Interview with Summer
Joss’s intro to Australian screenings
Morena interview at Playboy
Serenity cellphone game to be developed (appearently) – SPOILERS
Another interview with Summer
Fan table at Comic Con raises over $12,000 for Joss’s charity “Equality Now”
Partial list of magazines with upcoming Serenity articles
New US trailer
First comic being reprinted
Write to Fox asking for FF soundtrack
Tim Minear on The Inside
Joss interview
Serenity mentioned in The Onion!
Gina interview
“Huge” Joss interview
Adam interview
US Sci-Fi to air 30 min Serenity special
Nathan promo video
Behind the Scenes’ featurette
Poseidon Adventure, co-starring Adam Baldwin, on Nov. 20.
Serenity makes AOL’s “Hot List”
Awesome lightwave mesh
Movie poster (now withdrawn as the censors had a fit at a 17 year old with a gun – now they’re going to use the novel cover.
Sean Maher in “The Dive from Clausen’s Pier” (Lifetime Movie).
FF and Serenity in TV Guide. Still, I believe, the most read publication in the USA.
Serenity Article in Ft. Lauderdale, FL Sun-Sentinel.
Joss talks about Comic Con.
Nathan in the Edmonton Journal.
International trailer now up.
FF documentry now filming to be called “Done the Impossible”.
Starlog interviews Gina Torres.
Mosquitoverse FF parody movie.
Universal running Serenity ads on AOL instant messenger.
Reuter’s article on Serenity.
Holywood reporter has article on Serenity.
Some excellent retro posters.
Ron and Summer going to GenCOn Indy.
What was said, and by whom, at Comic Con.
Essay on the BDM *spoilers*.
Book’s first name?.
Joss Q&A on the official movie board.
Serenity shown 22/8/05 at the Gold Coast film festival in Australia.
Interview with Brett Matthews about the comics.
The *official* Serenity World Premier at the Edinburgh film festival 22/8/05.
FF air-ambulance sitting in a Las Vegas airplane junkyard.
DVD sales remain strong – peeking on Amazon at #2!
Edinburgh Film Festival tickets sell out in 30 mins. Put on more shows and they sell out in 10!
Serenoty extras on BG DVD!