Serenity partial soundtrack CD given out at
Comic Con
Movie poster (now withdrawn as the censors had a fit at a 17 year old with a gun – now they’re going to use the novel cover.
Actual browncoats for sale.
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International trailer now up.
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FF documentry now filming to be called “Done the Impossible”.
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Universal running Serenity ads on AOL instant messenger.
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Novel cover.
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Why you should watch Firefly. “Every time you support a canceled Fox show, somewhere a network executive loses his wings..
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Jewel to be in Stargate: Atlantis.
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The *official* Serenity World Premier at the Edinburgh film festival 22/8/05.
Thing From Another World (TFAW) has pre-order status for all kinds of things including the trading cards, magazine and a couple of books.
FF air-ambulance sitting in a Las Vegas airplane junkyard.
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DVD sales remain strong – peeking on Amazon at #2!
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Edinburgh Film Festival tickets sell out in 30 mins. Put on more shows and they sell out in 10!
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