There’s a couple of things that I’ve been saving up links to post on.

Firstly some quick ones on the aftermath of the bombings. I was going to post about the hysterical comments put on the American-created “London Hurts” LJ group (I think that’s right) but dodgyhoodoo beat me to it. So, I’ll add a few of my own:

  • Fox News reporter on how the bombings effect Arabs and “real Londoners”.
  • Fox again – the anchors this time on how the bombing can be viewed as a good thing as it puts terrorism back at the top of the worlds agenda above such things as climate change and Africa – oh, and also how they first thing they thought of when hearing of the bombings was to look at the stock market to see what was now cheap.
  • Why most right-wing blogs don’t allow comments – because it shows what sort of people read them.
  • Bloody brilliant post all about retaliation from Faffblog.

The other is a little bit about the G8 meeting.

  • thessalian has a good post about this pointing out the obvious hypocrasy of giving money to a third world country that is then forced to be used (by unfair trade practices) to buy goods from the people that just gave it away.
  • I’ve subscribed to the excellent In The Agora and it’s this post that got me really thinking. To quote “But I think his commentary speaks volumes of how little it takes to convince the MTV generation that they are helping to do something as complex as saving Africa from poverty. (Essentially, if it sounds like you want to help someone, you must be helping them.)”. It’s a rant against Live8 and it makes a number of good points about the uselessness of protesting and how little it really effects the people in power (ref. all the anti-war marches). On the other hand Tony Blair, of all people, said something to the effect of “all those who say we don’t do enough are the ones that never have to fight out a compromise”. I really don’t know – I’m sitting here wearing one of those ridiculous white bands simply to show anyone else that I catch wearing one (I’ve seen 3 in total so far) that they’re not alone in at least trying to make a small difference. Short of joining the VSO what else is there to do?
  • It’s all going to be a little pointless for the West anyway if Saudi oil really is going to run out by 2015.