Such as it is – for most people it’s simply shrug and go on as normal.

Here’s an excellent essay from thessalian, the best source of information I’ve found so far is on Wikipedia, that includes the unsurprising Google Earth KML file and Dork Tower‘s take on it.

Plus this is great quote from iwadasn on slashdot :

“Islam has always been a melded church and state, even more so than the Catholics ever did. For many years (up to the present) there has been essentially no difference between clerics and rulers, usually they were the same people, still are. This causes pervasive problems. Not the least of which is that those who hold the reigns of government are religiously obligated to eradicate the infidels (both the Koran and bible are very clear about converting or killing nonbelievers). Just as bad (and we see some of this in the States) is that the government feels the need to ban or repress science, as both religion and science are claiming to have the truth, and they can’t both be right. This makes Theocracies third world countries, and it makes the citizens jealous of those who are not so backwards.

Theocracy and democracy cannot easily coexist, just as Communism and Capitalism have trouble. A Theocracy next to a democracy finds that many of its citizens would flow over the border to join the heathens, and those left behind would hate the outsiders for reasons related to religious dogma and jealousy. You just can’t build your dreams on forcing people to strictly adhere to a set of rules if there is a beautiful country nearby without those rules. This will cause persistent conflict that cannot be eliminated without eliminating either Democracy or Theocracy, I know which one I’ll pick. One way or another, Theocracy has got to go, there will be no peace until it does.”

That said I’m just synical enough to wonder at the point of an attack that does little but put terorism back on the agenda and is timed to co-incide with the US dragging all the G8 agreements down to their lowest common denominator. No, not even I can contemplate that – no matter what history show us.