thessalian responded to my previous post about the recent appalling decision of the SCOTUS regarding compulsory purchase of private property with this post where she made a number of very good points including the fact that my writing is on occasion somewhat trying to read and that perhaps I should on occasion look a bit closer to home for political items to rant about.

Specifically she brought up the soon-to-be-voluntary-and-shortly-after-to-be-mandatory UK National ID Card System.

On top of all the reasons mentioned in the above “anti” sites I was reading this morning in Private Eye that we could each end up having to pay a minimum of £300 for our so-called Entitlement Card.

Now, this is a very difficult issue. On the one hand I’m very much for the idea of different organisations being able to share data for the sake of efficiency and to catch those who break the law. On the other the potential for mis-use of a database of this size is colossal and I am far from comfortable with the idea that within a few short years we may start hearing police asking for people’s “papers” here in the UK. It is looking as though a significant number of people (at least a million I would reckon) would not sign up for a compulsory card but it is far more likely that it will at least start out as an “entitlement card” that eventually it will all but impossible to live without.

So, what do people think? Will they be happy to sign up for the new card (ignoring the cost issue for the moment) or will they be joining the “no” campaign and facing the potential future legal consequences…?