Ganked from leopard_lady.

  1. Try to stop being such an arrogant SoB. Not everyone agrees with your view of the world. If they’re not actively harming anyone else it’s much easier just to let them get on with it.
  2. Loose some weight and get some exercise. The sooner you start doing this the easier it will be and you’ll thank yourself.
  3. Don’t worry about loosing people as friends. You’ll go through several sets over the years. Some people come, some go and some stay forever. Chez pas.
  4. There is more to life than (eventually) getting a girlfriend. Therefore don’t make the act of acquiring one into such an operatic mess. Ask the people you like and get over it if/when they say no. You’ll get there eventually.
  5. Keep doing the things you like doing, it’ll introduce you to cool new people and keep you sane (ref roleplaying, SF, music and other geek persuits).