Motivation seeping away at work… Trying to stay awake in the heat…

A lot of things I would have posted here in the past are now on my Bloglines blog. Annie’s been asked what I subscribe to on Bloglines – that’s listed on that page as well.

Some of the things I’ve been saving up to put out to a (very slightly) higher audience on here include:

  • Pledgebank where people promised to do something (such as give money to charity or volunteer to help in the community) if a certain number of other people do too. A great idea – not sure how well it will work in practice.
  • The ongoing Cobb County intelligent design (ID) schoolboard case which is destined to be the Scopes “Monkey Trial” for the 21st centuary.
  • The sickening continuation of political gain by lies and more lies following the autopsy of Terry Schiavo
  • An excellent podcast from The Wozpart one, part two.
  • Nic Davies of The Guardian continues his amazing set of essays on how the whole criminal justice system totally fails all those it is designed to help. The latest essay explains that it is simply politically impossible to spend money to fix the problems at the root of crime (povety, mental health, drugs, care homes, etc) as highlighted by the governments own Social Exclusion Unit – who’s report on the subject has been systematically burried.
  • Did you know that if you are an Italian woman who undergoes IVF then by law all embrios you supply that are sucsessfully fertilised must be reimplanted otherwise you will go to jail for a minimum of 3 years?

For the last bit I want to quote from the excellent Al Franken’s blog on the new antidote to hysterical right-wing talk radio Air America (hysterical left-wing talk radio). There’s a lot of unbelievable things in this so I’ll just link to the whole page.