Ah well, looks like Edinburgh is off the cards after all. Between travel costs, accomodation, etc it looked like it was going to cost us £300-£400 each and with everything else we’re doing this year we just can’t afford it.

Music meme via dodgyhoodoo.

Current six “songs in my head”:

1) “1985” – Bowling for Soup
2) “The Drinking Song” – Moxy Fruvous
3) “Margaret” – Jill Sobule
4) “Saltwater” – Chicane
5) “You Bet Your Life” – Rush
6) “Houdini’s Box” – Jill Sobule (highly recomended)

I don’t normall pass on “chain-letter” type stuff but it’s up to electra008, serenitiesangel if they want to carry this on…